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“When my family and I met Jere, we were considering a move but not quite on the same page. She took the time to meet with us and to discuss the market openly and honestly. In guiding us, she was very consultative, patient and respectful. It was clear her agenda was to make sure we were making the right decision to move or not, rather than to get a deal. When it was time to pull the trigger, she was ready. She both sold our existing house and helped us find our next home in Historic Brookhaven. She leveraged her connections and in-depth knowledge for both transactions. Our house sold to a buyer she found through her connections. The property we bought, and many she pursued for us, was not in FMLS, but she pursued properties that suited our wants and needs. The marketing for our house she sold included professional videography and photography and aerial shots that she leveraged through her powerful, far-reaching marketing program. Her network is vast, from local relationships to neighbors and international connections not just through Sotheby’s International Realty®, but also directly to the top national and international agents and buyers.”

– C David Degitz
“We first met Jere over a year ago when we consulted with her and two other agents about the sale of our home. We wanted to see what strategies were available for marketing and selling our home. Jere stood out because she actually had a plan and strategy to maximize showings and pricing for our home. From the beginning, it was clear that Jere understood our goals, and she set about to reach them. It goes without saying that, at her level, most agents should know and understand the neighborhoods they market. What set Jere apart, and what ultimately led us to get our house under contract within three weeks of listing at 96% of the listing price, was that she really knew how to work the market. Jere watched the market, sales and availability of homes that would compete with ours, and, when the time was right, we listed as she advised. Most homeowners feel that real estate agents infrequently deliver value. This is not the case with Jere. She gets it right, and she gets it right the first time. We recommend her wholeheartedly. Jere, you are awesome.”

– Carolina Den Brok-Perez
“I met Jere when she sold my client’s estate home. Upon meeting her, I immediately recognized she is the cream of the crop in her industry. Not only did she sell my client’s home within two weeks of it being listed for sale, but her enthusiasm and competence in working with her were also top-notch. She was a part of the process every step of the way, providing my client insightful, educated and sound advice. She knew exactly what needed to be done to prepare the home, had gorgeous elegant marketing and calmed my client with sound advice during the negotiating process, and she didn’t miss a beat on dates and deadlines to bring us to closing.”

– Karen Fox
“Jere is extremely savvy and understands the emotions of buyers and sellers, which is the key to success making things happen in the real estate world. She is also a fearless negotiator, which is also critical. She tells the hard truths when that needs to happen. She is also passionate about putting things together for mutual benefit, so hiring Jere will win you a loyal advocate for your personal and business life as well. Jere provides not just another formula, but also an entirely new way of looking at business, her clients and winning that business to even the biggest competitors in our industry.”

– Marc Lewyn
“Excellent in her real estate practice, a strong business partner and a highly ethical broker; Jere Metcalf brings all this to the table. Jere is a listing specialist; whether you are looking to sell a home in Intown or an estate in the metro Atlanta area, Jere’s marketing and negotiation skills represent you in the best way possible. Top all this off with no-nonsense, honest and hardworking ethics, Jere Metcalf is definitely the best of the best.”

– Alene Brodsky
“Jere has sold two homes for my wife and I in the Atlanta area. We have worked with many REALTORS® before, but Jere is no doubt the BEST! She is personable and works well with even the most difficult buyers. Jere is focused on results and problem solving to meet all parties’ expectations and get the deal closed. I highly recommend Jere Metcalf. You won’t be disappointed!”

– Troy Cox
“Jere provides not just another formula, but also an entirely new way of looking at business, her clients and winning that business to even the biggest competitors in our industry.”

– Laura Peters
“The real estate industry is inundated with REALTORS®, yet Jere manages to differentiate herself so that clients, referrals and business come to her and come to her first rather than the other way around.”

– Susan McMullen
“Before I met Jere, I had a home to sell at the bottom of the market and not much time to get it done. She came highly recommended by a close friend. I still interviewed several agents to be sure. In the interview with Jere and in the final result, the recommendation was dead-on. Jere understood how to price, negotiate and handle the contract to bring the property to close smoothly despite the slow market and difficult transaction. I could not have obtained a contract for the price I did without Jere’s help; Jere understood how to communicate with the appraiser to make sure he understood the value in a time when appraisers were tough and how to negotiate the deal in my best interest on every level from the smallest terms to the biggest with the price. Thank you, Jere.”

– Karen Burger
“Jere is an exceptional REALTOR®. When selling our home in Brookhaven, we had previously had our home on the market when we hired Jere. The difference in marketing, service, knowledge and negotiating skills (well everything) was such a breath of fresh air. She used her connections and creativity to promote the house through gorgeous marketing and events in a way that quickly brought two offers. Once we had two offers, she gave us the insight, information and direction we needed to make the right decisions to get the best possible contract for our property. Jere is exceptional at what she does, an outstanding real estate agent and a true professional.”

– Stacy Rodenhiser
“When we met Jere, we had been trying to sell our house for several months. Jere differentiated herself immediately in the interview process. Then, Jere came to us with a strategy and a plan, implemented it and got our house sold. We had a gorgeous, unique home selling for over $1 million in a time when appraisals were a challenge to overcome, especially in this price point. Jere knew how to communicate with our appraiser to address any potential problems. Her negotiation skills, like her marketing, were top-notch. She was hands-on throughout the process, making a smooth and quick closing. We have moved 10+ times – We have worked with many agents; Jere stands out. She is truly involved and cares about her client as well as understands the market and how to represent her client for the best deal possible. It was an honor to have her represent us.”

– Michael Korizno
“Jere Metcalf was one of three REALTORS® that my husband and I considered and interviewed for the sale and purchase of our homes. When we began the process, we knew we needed someone not only with experience and expertise but also someone who would remain professional, calm and had the market knowledge in our specific area. She had an insight and insiders’ knowledge with the ability to negotiate the best deal for us and make the transition as smooth as possible. In every aspect of the transactions on both buying our new home and selling our house, Jere went above and beyond. She has the team, resources, knowledge and expertise. We sold our house at asking price in a week and bought the home of our dreams for an amazing price in the current “Seller’s” market. She has a support team and systems in place for her clients to hold your hand through the process, including a tasty family meal delivered the day we moved!”

– Victoria Rosetti
“I’ve worked with many REALTORS®. Working with Jere was different from any other. At the bottom of the market, when land was considered more of a liability than an asset and the prices were at an all-time low, Jere took the time and had the brains to put together a creative, outside-the-box deal that created value for my lot and sold it for more than our asking price. She knows her stuff and understands the real estate market. She used her knowledge and connections to make a deal happen for me that everyone said was impossible. I highly recommend speaking to Jere if you are considering selling or buying any land or a house. She is exceptional.”

– Todd Bone
“Jere has an exceptional knowledge of the market and a way of working with her clients. As a REALTOR® and my neighbor in Brookhaven Heights, she has sold house after house that other agents couldn’t sell and quickly. She has a keen level of communication, expertise and creativity and uses her resources and connections to get the job done. Although I am no longer in the Real Estate industry, I consistently recommend Jere to my past clients, friends and family with confidence that they will be cared for with professionalism and outstanding results!”

– Conni Todd
“Jere was great to work with on our home purchase. We were fairly set on our budget and the style of home we wanted, but we weren’t sold on any particular part of town. Jere was available to show us properties that met our criteria in a wide geographic area. When we decided to make an offer on a bank-owned property, I assumed the process would be very drawn out. However, Jere was able to obtain timely information and responses from the REO agent. She provided great service, and the process was smooth from start to finish.”

– Alison Alesi
“I have known Jere since she and I were 14 years old. In all the years I have known her, her work ethic, integrity and enthusiasm have never waned. She has always been the best at anything she does and works with utmost honesty. I’ve never seen her not excited and ready to help others, especially when it comes to real estate. 10 years ago when Jere told me she was going to become a REALTOR®, there was no doubt in my mind she would be the great success she is today.”

– Kari Downing
“Jere was introduced to us as a problem solver during the peak of the recession in 2008. We had a $1,000,000 home that needed to be sold, and, despite working with a number of REALTORS®, there were no actual buyers. Jere analyzed the property in great detail, gave us the facts, good and bad, and devised a strategy to get the property sold. We hired her; she did what she said she would do and, despite the depressed market conditions, sold the house while minimizing our losses. As a result, we have continued to work with her in additional residential real estate deals, all of which have been profitable. She brings valuable knowledge and insight to every deal and is great to work with. In summary, Jere works with integrity, knowledge, insight, tenacity and brilliant strategy; I highly recommend her.”

– Ian Silverstone
“Jere sold two of my residential properties in Atlanta, my townhome as well as my Intown house. In selling my townhome, she listed it and found the buyer who paid full price and closed quickly. In negotiating the contract, she took the time to ensure that we were well represented, and her negotiation techniques were excellent as she was able to get full price for us in a market that was declining. When it was time to sell my house, I knew hands down Jere would be our agent. She knew exactly what to do to the house to get it sold and helped us get it done. When she sold the house, the sold price exceeded our asking price. Her integrity, work ethic and attention to detail make her an absolute pleasure to work with. Thank you for everything, Jere.”

– Michelle Cox
“Jere is my good friend and neighbor in Brookhaven Heights. She has in-depth knowledge of the market combined with an amazing ability to work with and understand others, which is a great combination in a REALTOR®. Every month, she sends me a detailed market update of our neighborhood as well as of metro Atlanta. She has the most exquisite marketing, gorgeous, unforgettable and cutting edge. I recommend Jere to my friends and highly recommend her to you if you are considering moving. She is a fabulous resource that is priceless to anyone moving, selling or buying a home.”

– M.C. Casterline
“I’ve known Jere since late 2007 after I met her at a ProWIN meeting, and I’ve had a number of opportunities to get to know her better through ProWIN, some mutual friends and other groups. She’s smart, dynamic and one of the hardest working people I know. I’ve referred her to some of my own clients for REALTOR® services in the past and plan to continue to refer to her in the future. She really knows her stuff; she’s got the integrity and professionalism I like to see, and she’s just a great person to deal with as well.”

– Loraine DiSalvo
“Jere, my friend and neighbor in Brookhaven, is an excellent REALTOR®. Her marketing is superb, her enthusiasm contagious and her work ethic and competence insurmountable. Each time she markets a home in our neighborhood, she does an exceptional job, marketing the home beautifully and aggressively, and the homes sell quickly for a great price.”

– Allison Entrekin
“Jere is my neighbor, friend and dedicated book club member. In our neighborhood, I’ve seen Jere beautifully market and sell homes. She is a real connector that works with enthusiasm, integrity and competence. In getting to know Jere, it has quickly become obvious why she and her team are so successful in selling real estate.”

– Becky Dannenfelser
“Whether Jere is helping me secure a steal of a condo or helping a colleague select the right family home, her knowledge, willingness and ability to assist are insurmountable. Jere takes time to service clients in a way that fulfills their needs. Best of all, Jere will always tell me what I need to hear to advise me to make the right decision on a real estate purchase – whether it’s negotiation strategy, prioritizing properties, considering all options or keeping my stress under control in that decision making.”

– Richard Cates
“Working with Jere and her team was a dream. When we bought a home, she helped us find exactly what we were looking for. We bought a home that was in foreclosure. Jere had the expertise to negotiate the deal and the customer service to make the process smooth, even with the additional intricacies of the house being bank-owned.”

– James Alesi
“Jere and her real estate team are the cream of the crop. From step one, their advice, competence and customer service exceeded my expectations. Jere’s understanding of the residential real estate market, how to prepare, market and price a house were incomparable to other agents I have interviewed. She told me what I needed to do, and I followed her advice. As a result of property marketing and preparation, when the house went on the market, it received multiple offers and was under contract in four days and closed in two weeks. I couldn’t have done this without Jere’s expertise and knowledge.”

– Judie Raiford
“Jere did a great job selling our townhouse and working with us to find and close on a beautiful new home quickly. She recommended excellent home inspection and survey firms. In having a survey, we picked up a lot of yard that looked like our neighbors’. Jere is very professional, kind and patient, which we needed with the tight timeline and our hectic work schedules. Her team is just as great, which helped us when we wanted to see a home ASAP. We cannot say enough nice things, and we are both incredibly detail-oriented and expected a lot from her. A five-star rating just isn’t high enough praise.”

– Felicia Gentry
“I turned to Jere to sell our Atlanta townhouse after our original REALTOR® turned out to be a complete joke. I had to interview and hire Jere remotely from NYC, and, in working with her, she took the time and knew exactly what needed to be done to get it sold. Her recommendations and candor were very helpful, and we managed to sell before the downturn took effect. I wish we had hired Jere from the start.”

– Matt Baumgarth
“Absolute best agent ever! She will showcase your house like no one else can. She has the best house stagers in the business, she cares about how your house shows, and she knows that top dollar is the objective.”

– Buckhead Client
“I know so many amazing real estate agents in metro Atlanta, but Jere "takes the cake" as they say – she knows Brookhaven and Buckhead better than anyone I know. Plus, she is super knowledgeable and helpful ... a true professional who represents her trade masterfully. Jere was our agent for finding an awesome home in Brookhaven, and we had two full-price offers on the house we sold within six days. Jere, thanks so much – you'll be our agent for life! ”

– Dr. Mickey Parsons
“Jere Metcalf is a real estate agent who is always insightful. I've always felt that the power behind her success is that she approaches her work and her clients with a strategy in mind. She helps her clients make good investments by asking them the right questions ... even those they wouldn't think to ask "rationally". Her results and happy clients exemplify that.”

– Rachel Moncayo
“Jere is a true professional with a continual interest in doing business with high standards, integrity and a sense of humor. She is warm, driven, committed to excellence and focused on achieving results. I have been impressed with her attention to quality and customized approach. She is a wonderful example of continually investing in herself so she can be of the highest service to her clients. I highly recommend working with Jere!”

– Niki Rubinger
“When I met Jere, I had a property to get sold and had not had much success. After asking her for upfront advice on exactly what to do and how to get the property sold in 30 days, she told me. She named exactly the price and the plan and implemented it. Despite the difficulties with my situation and the unprecedented COVID-19 situation, Jere got the job done. She and her team knew exactly what to do, handled every unanticipated issue and made sure we closed. She achieved a great result with great integrity and purpose, which is rare and appreciated. I have worked with many agents. Jere is, by far, the best there is.”

– Brent Furse
“Jere has been our real estate agent for multiple home purchases and sales. She will continue to be our REALTOR® of choice. What sets Jere apart is that she understands the market and how to execute for results.”

– Carolina Perez
“Jere wasn’t our first real estate agent. She was the only agent we worked with who understood not just how to sell a house but how to sell our home. With preparation and execution implemented as she planned, we had three offers on our home the day we went on the market. Jere got the job done. Her results exceeded what anyone else could have accomplished.”

– Holly and Troy Arona
“If you’re looking for the best real estate agent to meet your goals and get a job done, you need Jere Metcalf. She has the know-how, resources and connections to make it happen, and she listens to your goals and ensures they are met. I brought her a challenging listing. She and her team exceeded my expectations.”

– Jason Powell
“When I hired Jere, I was a frustrated seller. My Buckhead home had already been on the market for several months, and I had already relocated to Florida. Jere brought clarity to the situation. From house repairs to staging to strategically targeted marketing, she was relentless in getting our house sold. Despite the time already on the market, we sold the house for more than our list price.”

– Buckhead Client, 2020
“Jere helped us find the perfect house and made us feel comfortable with the entire process. She is genuine and very trustworthy. I highly recommend her!”

– Vickie Schwartz
“After searching and considering many options for a local REALTOR®, we decided on Jere Metcalf. She had the reputation, business savvy, knowledge and motivation that seemed necessary to get the deal done. During my home sale and purchase of a new home, Jere and her team were able to follow through on our expectations. I did not have a traditional house, and it took longer to sell my home than we were hoping, but Jere's commitment never wavered, and her positive attitude was extremely helpful. In the end, she got the job done, and we were very pleased. Jere and her team are easy to work with and attentive. We never felt frustrated that we weren't a priority. I wouldn't hesitate to use her again. We feel very confident in Jere's abilities as a REALTOR® in both buying or selling a home.”

“A+ amazing agent with knowledge and ability way beyond every other agent I’ve dealt with. Helped explain patiently and in detail every step of the way. I will definitely use him in the future. Thank you, Chad!”

“Before Chad, we talked to a couple of other top brokers about selling our home. We met with Chad and were instantly impressed with his charisma, background, knowledge of our market and genuine understanding for luxury. He brought optimism and creativity with a tactful, yet aggressive, approach that definitely stood out from the other agents. He seemed to have a ton of resources at his disposal and offered white-glove service even after the transaction was done. I swear the man doesn't sleep! Long story short, you will be glad Chad is on your side. He will work hard for you and look out for your best interests. Not to mention, he's absolutely hilarious, and he somehow makes such a stressful process fun. I am so proud to say I have found my agent for life as well as a new friend. Thank you, Chad!”